July 26, 2019

Collision Shops

Collision shops are undoubtedly the most affected by the incorporation of Advanced Driver Assist Systems into vehicles. Collision shops almost exclusively see vehicles that are ADAS reset candidates because they are hit. Many of these systems rely on incredibly sensitive cameras and radar to do their job properly– even a pothole has the potential to throw the systems out of whack. That means that all vehicles you see are candidates.

However, you also grapple with insurance agencies breathing down your necks to complete jobs as cheaply and as quickly as possible. But, you also must weigh the potential liability- we all remember the Honda Fit incident just a couple years back:

Insurance companies will both tempt you to deviate from OEM procedures, and browbeat you on the process of ADAS resets:

  1. Pre-Scan Diagnostics
  2. Perform all necessary collision work, including parts replacement
  3. Perform a 4 wheel alignment.
  4. Perform all applicable safety system recalibrations and resets. (Dynamic recalibration systems demand that the car is physically driven and tested before completely reset).
  5. Post-Scan Diagnostics

This process is lengthy and expensive for everyone involved, and these steps must be communicated to the insurance company. This 5 step process can potentially take hours- and the insurance company must pay for every bit of it. Not only can you make hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars per procedure, but you free yourself from liability with documentation that shows you returned the vehicle to its pre-collision condition.

Contact us to learn more about ADAS for collision shops here.

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