July 30, 2019

Education and Government

Education and government customers- you play an ESSENTIAL role in the future of Advanced Driver Assist Systems. The precedents that you set today will shape the future of the industry – as a governing county, city or state, you will have the power to define what it means to be safe on the road.

As an educational institution, you’re training the technicians of tomorrow, and using the guidelines from your government counterparts, you will inform these new technicians on the new way to repair vehicles, which will grow to include resetting safety systems in vehicles like Blind Spot Monitoring and Lane Departure Warning.

If you think that we’re years away from these technologies, think again. It’s likely that the car you’re driving today has multiple vehicle safety systems that need to be reset after collision, windshield replacement, or normal wear-and-tear. Contact us to incorporate this equipment into your curriculum or your fleet; we’re eager to help.

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