July 27, 2019

Glass Shops

Glass shops- who would’ve thought that the day would come where you’d have to reset safety systems? Like collision shops, your shop’s vehicles are almost certainly candidates for Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) recalibrations. But why?

This is because many of these systems consist of cameras in the windshield or mirrors of a vehicle. See this helpful diagram:

Even a small amount of damage to the windshield will effectively “point” these systems in the wrong place. Additionally, replacing the windshield means all of these systems must be recalibrated to consider a windshield replacement or glass job complete.

It’s also a part of the larger argument that glass shops should be in the alignment business. The basic process of ADAS calibration in the rest of auto repair is as follows:

  1. Pre-Scan Diagnostics
  2. Perform all necessary collision work, including parts replacement
  3. Perform a 4 wheel alignment.
  4. Perform all applicable safety system recalibrations and resets. (Dynamic recalibration systems demand that the car is physically driven and tested before completely reset).
  5. Post-Scan Diagnostics

For glass shops, the only difference is that instead of collision or body work, it’s “windshield replacement.” An alignment is necessary to accurately complete safety system resets because these systems rely on the car “looking” straight ahead, which is the thrustline angle in a vehicle. To learn more about alignment, check out this ADAS integration guide here or contact us.

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