July 26, 2019

Repair Shops

Repair shops- times are changing. The vehicles of today and tomorrow are increasingly like computers and less like the cars that we remember as children. Today, many drivers are relying on Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS for short) to help them drive. This means that the services that you’ll need to perform are going to change. The good news is these systems need to be reset both post-collision, but also many need to be recalibrated over time like a wheel alignment. Imagine what adding hundreds of dollars to every alignment opportunity could do for your business.

Read this helpful article from Ratchet & Wrench about a shop that’s rebranded to perform ADAS Calibrations!

More than just the increased profit opportunity, there’s a liability issue at hand. Once the vehicle leaves your shop, you assume a level of responsibility, and you will be asked the question: “Did you reset the Lane Departure Warning on the vehicle?” You will not want to answer “no”.

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