May 24, 2019

What is ADAS?

Advanced Driver Assist-Systems, also known as ADAS, refers to anything in a vehicle that helps keep the motorist safe. This includes things like Blind Spot Monitoring, Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, and more.

If you’re looking for an in-depth analysis of ADAS features and what they do, visit our ADAS Academy Page here.

Why is ADAS important?

While ADAS features have shown up in cars as early as 2006 in the United States (and even earlier abroad), widespread adoption began in 2012, when the United States Government mandated all new vehicles are equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which prevents rollovers and provides stability to vehicles.

In 2018, the federal government has now mandated that all new vehicles are equipped with Rear View Cameras.

Since its inception, the requirement of this feature has saved hundreds, if not thousands, of lives. As a result, manufacturers and governments are working together to ensure the widespread development and adoption of the technology in the coming years. Take the 2019 Toyota Corolla for example: Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, and Dynamic Cruise Control now come standard in 100% of its vehicles.

Is ADAS the future?

Yes. ADAS are the “stepping stones” between unequipped vehicles and driverless vehicles. It’s likely that by 2030, many vehicles on the road will be fully autonomous. Most of these systems need to be reset. Independent and collision repairers have a major opportunity, as auto dealerships are still required by their manufacturers to use an archaic system of printouts, pencils and protractors. (Yes, really. It’s a pretty large misconception that dealerships are ahead in everything. Read more about it here.)

When do a vehicle’s safety systems actually need to be reset?

For one, post-collision. The radar and camera systems in a vehicle are terribly sensitive and delicate, so even the slightest bump or even pothole could throw the system out of whack.

Additionally, every time an alignment is performed the safety systems must also be reset. The reason is that all of these systems function on the assumption that the car is looking straight ahead.

If the car is out of alignment, then the safety systems are as well. When a car’s alignment is repaired, the safety systems must now also be recalibrated.

What if I don’t reset my customer’s vehicles?

Not only did you miss out on hundreds of potential dollars per procedure, but you can also face liability if something happens to that vehicle or its passenger once it leaves your shop. The last person who touched the vehicle is held liable!

What do you sell?

We sell ADAS calibration equipment for repair shops, body shops, and other businesses that need to reset vehicle safety systems. This includes a tablet and multiple targets and boards that help recalibrate vehicles to their manufacturer-intended condition. For example, if you see any cars newer than 2012, it’s likely that the cars need safety system resets.

Why choose BuyADAS?

There are a lot of options out there for equipment. BuyADAS is the only online ADAS store that also has an in-person sales and service team to back up this equipment. While some of your favorite tool website may lure you in with cheap wrenches, jacks, or lights, they’re not equipment-dedicated specialists. If you’d like, you can choose setup, training, or other options at checkout and a specialist will come to your shop!

Want to purchase from us without seeing us? Do you think that the tool warehouse is cheaper? Show us a competing price and we’ll match or beat it, every time.

Why choose Autel?

BuyADAS carefully chose Autel as their equipment partner.

Many customers know Autel well from the company’s days as a diagnostics powerhouse, but Autel has grown to be much more than that.

Autel is now the leading manufacturer of ADAS calibration equipment, and employs sets of targets, boards, and lasers to achieve its goals, much like an alignment machine or measuring equipment. Using an ADAS-enabled tablet, you can choose manufacturer, model, year and more to reset safety systems with ease. In many cases, these resets can mean hundreds of extra dollars to your bottom line.

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